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Amazon PPC Audit: 10 Key Elements for Maximum Advertising Performance

Amazon PPC Audit

Why Amazon PPC Audit?

For Amazon advertising to deliver its utmost potential, a well-thought-out and strategic approach is vital. The critical nature of this cannot be overstated. For Amazon sellers and brands aiming for success on the platform, it goes beyond merely running ad campaigns. It necessitates a thorough understanding and ongoing optimization of Amazon PPC. This is where the powerful role of an Amazon PPC audit takes center stage

Understanding the Landscape

Amazon PPC audits serve as a powerful tool, guiding brands through the vast and competitive landscape of the Amazon marketplace. Amazon PPC audits serve as a comprehensive health check for your advertising strategy.


It’s not merely about evaluating the present state of your campaigns; it’s about uncovering opportunities, identifying inefficiencies, and crafting a roadmap. for sustained success

Beyond Routine Checks

Unlike routine assessments, an Amazon PPC audit is a strategic initiative that goes beyond surface-level evaluations. It’s a meticulous examination conducted by seasoned experts, leveraging years of experience in the field.


This audit is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor; rather, it’s a tailored exploration of your specific goals, challenges, and market dynamics.

The Catalyst for Optimization

Unveiling the power of Amazon PPC audits involves recognizing them as the catalysts for optimization. The audit process serves as a cornerstone for refining your advertising strategy, aligning it with your business objectives, and ensuring that every advertising dollar spent contributes meaningfully to your overall success on the platform.

The Crucial Role of Amazon PPC Audit

1. A Strategic Imperative

To underscore the crucial role of Amazon PPC audits, consider them as the strategic imperative that separates thriving businesses from the struggling ones on the Amazon marketplace.


The evolving algorithms, shifting consumer behaviors, and increasing competition necessitate a dynamic approach, and an audit becomes the linchpin in adapting to these changes.

2. Maximizing Efficiency and Impact

At its core, an Amazon PPC audit is about maximizing efficiency and impact. It’s about ensuring that every facet of your advertising strategy aligns with your business goals.


Whether you are aiming for increased visibility, better conversion rates, or improved return on investment (ROI), the audit process is the compass that guides you towards achieving these milestones.

3. Uncovering Hidden Opportunities

One of the standout aspects of Amazon PPC audits is their ability to uncover hidden revenue opportunities. These opportunities may be obscured by underperforming keywords, untapped audience segments, or suboptimal bidding strategies.


The audit process is a detective, systematically revealing these opportunities and providing actionable insights to capitalize on them.

4. Mitigating Wasteful Spending

In a landscape where every advertising dollar counts, mitigating wasteful spending is paramount. The Amazon PPC audit acts as a vigilant guardian against inefficiencies.


By identifying and addressing high ACOS targets, optimizing bids, and refining targeting strategies, the audit ensures that your budget is allocated where it matters most, eliminating wasteful ad spend.

5. Strategic Decision-Making

The audit process is not just about data analysis; it’s about empowering strategic decision-making. Armed with a wealth of insights from the audit, brands can make informed decisions about budget allocation, keyword targeting, and campaign optimization. It transforms your advertising approach from reactive to proactive, setting the stage for sustained success.


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What Should Amazon PPC Audit Cover?

Now that we’ve grasped the foundational importance of Amazon PPC audits, let’s delve into what these audits should cover. An effective Amazon PPC audit is a multi-faceted process that leaves no stone unturned. Here are the key components that make up a comprehensive Amazon PPC audit:

1. Campaign Utilization

The Amazon PPC audit journey begins with a meticulous review of campaign utilization. Advocating for harnessing the full spectrum of ad types—Sponsored Products Ads, Sponsored Brands Ads, and Sponsored Display Ads.


This strategic utilization ensures a comprehensive approach to brand visibility and off-Amazon selling, setting the stage for a robust advertising strategy.

2. Ads-Type Performance

Within the Amazon PPC audit, a deep dive into Ads-Type Performance is crucial. This involves a comprehensive examination of Sponsored Products (SP) Ads, Sponsored Brands (SB) Ads, and Sponsored Display (SD) Ads.


Scrutinizing critical KPIs such as CTR, CVR, spent, sales, ACOS, and ROI forms the backbone of this analysis. Our rule of thumb recommends allocating 80% of the budget to SP for optimal impact, with the remainder reserved for SB and SD to enhance brand visibility.

3. Match Type Performance

The Amazon PPC audit delves into Match Type Performance, evaluating SP Exact match, Broad Match, and Phrase match. Aligning with specific campaign goals, our analysis focuses on ranking for essential keywords or discovering new ones.


By assessing the metrics of each match type, we determine the most effective strategy for your unique objectives, ensuring a tailored approach to maximize impact.


Below is an image featuring one of our managed brands on Amazon PPC. The depiction highlights the performance metrics for Exact, Broad, Phrase, and ASIN targeting within Sponsored Products (SP) ads.


Notably, a significant portion of the allocated budget (85%) is directed towards the “Exact Match Type,” which, in turn, yields the highest sales (77%) results.

Amazon ppc audit

4. Negations/Optimization

Addressing high ACOS and low CVR targets is paramount within the Amazon PPC audit. We identify these targets and initiate negations and optimization strategies.


Through a meticulous refinement of account performance, our approach ensures a reduction in wasteful ad spend and an enhancement in overall efficiency.

5. Missing Search Terms

Addressing missing search terms is important within the Amazon PPC audit. This strategic approach identifies well-performing search terms that may be missing, capturing additional profitable sales opportunities. The emphasis is on closing gaps and maximizing the reach of your advertising efforts.


Below is an example featuring one of our managed brands on Amazon PPC. It distinctly highlights the customer search terms that are currently not covered by our PPC targeting. This identification presents numerous untapped PPC opportunities that we can capitalize on by expanding our range of targeted search terms.


Search Terms Report

6. Bidding Strategy Performance

The Amazon PPC audit scrutinizes bidding strategy performance, analyzing which strategy yields optimal results. Whether it’s down-only bidding or fixed bidding, our experts reallocate the budget to maximize efficiency.


This precision-driven approach is tailored to your campaign goals, ensuring that your bidding strategy aligns seamlessly with your overarching objectives.

4. Placement Performance & Budget Utilization

Amazon PPC audit should cover Placement Performance, evaluating Top of the Search (TOS), Rest of the Search (ROS), and Product Page (PP) placements.


By strategically reallocating budgets based on performance, optimize conversion rates and ensure budget alignment with the most effective ad placements.


This holistic approach ensures that your advertising dollars are invested where they yield the highest returns.

5. Branded VS Non-Branded Terms Performance

Within the Amazon PPC audit, assess the performance of both branded and non-branded terms.

If a mere 1% of the budget yields a 41% CVR for branded keywords, our recommendation is clear: increase the budget for branded keywords and formulate a funneling strategy to boost CVR for both branded keywords and ASINs.


This strategic fine-tuning is essential for maximizing the impact of your advertising efforts.

9. Wasted Ad Spend Identification

Analyzing the search report is integral to the Amazon PPC audit. Our rule of thumb: if any keyword has spent half the price of the product with no orders, negate it as a negative keyword.


This proactive approach eliminates inefficiencies and enhances the overall effectiveness of your campaigns. Identifying and rectifying wasted ad spend is a key component of our proactive efficiency-driven strategy.

10. Rankings on Highly Relevant Keywords

For brands aiming to improve organic ranking, the Amazon PPC audit assesses ranks on highly relevant keywords. Identifying keywords with first-page rankings on Amazon.


Craft a strategic plan to further enhance visibility and dominance. This component goes beyond paid advertising, contributing to the overall organic presence of your brand on the platform.


Presented here is an image from one of our managed brands on Amazon PPC.


The visual highlights the keyword ranking for top, highly relevant terms. Our strategy emphasizes achieving rankings on the first page, up to position 45. We avoid targeting keywords with already low rankings rankings.


For instance, in the image below, ‘Customer Search Term 5’ holds a position at ‘132’. These lower-ranking keywords may not be pursued initially, but could be considered at a later stage.


Amazon Keyword Ranking

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