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Amazon Conversion Rate Optimisation: Outperform Your Competitors

amazon conversion rate optimisation


Boosting your Amazon conversion rate is a important step towards driving more sales, profits, and increasing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.


By developing a strategic Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) approach, you ensure that a higher number of customers purchase your product.


This strategy not only increases your conversion rates on Amazon but also significantly improves your rankings on the platform, leading to greater discoverability by potential customers.

1. Amazon Conversion Rate Formula

To calculate the Amazon conversion rate, divide the total number of sales by the total number of visitors to your product listing within a specific timeframe, then multiply by 100 to get a percentage.


For example, if your product received 9,000 visits and recorded 1,000 sales in a specific month, the conversion rate would be calculated as (1,000 / 9,000) * 100% = 11.11%. This means that out of every 100 visitors to your product listing, approximately 11 made a purchase.


Conversion Rate = (Total Orders/Total Visitors)*100
Conversio Rate = (1000/9000)*100 = 11.11%

2. Amazon Conversion Rate Benchmark

A “good” conversion rate on Amazon can significantly vary depending on several factors, including product category, price point, and competition.


Generally, the average conversion rate on Amazon is higher than traditional e-commerce platforms, often cited around 10-15%. However, this can be higher for products in niche categories or with strong brand recognition.


Understanding these benchmarks can help sellers set realistic goals and strategies for improvement.

Strategies for Amazon Conversion Rate Optimization

Achieving a high Amazon conversion rate is must for sellers aiming to maximize out of their advertising spent.


A higher conversion rate not only boosts your sales but also enhances your product’s visibility and ranking on the platform.


To significantly increase Amazon conversion rate, sellers must implement a variety of targeted strategies, each tailored to improve different aspects of their Amazon presence.


This section explores these tactics in detail, providing a roadmap for Amazon conversion rate optimisation.

1. Product Listing Optimization

Optimizing your product listings is the first step towards enhancing your Amazon conversion rate optimization.


An SEO optimized listing has product relevant keywords in product title, bullet points, descriptions, A+ content copy and optimized images.


Strategic keyword placement is important, ensuring your product is discoverable by your target audience. This not only improves visibility but also captivates potential buyers, significantly enhancing the likelihood of conversion. 

2. High-Quality Product Images

The power of overall listing images in influencing buyer decisions cannot be overstated, making it a critical component of Amazon conversion rate optimisation.


High-resolution images that showcase your product from multiple angles offer a virtual touch-and-feel experience to customers, bridging the gap between online shopping and the tangible in-store experience.


This visual clarity and detail play a pivotal role in converting customers into potential buyers, directly impacting your Amazon conversion rate.

3. Competitive Pricing Strategy

Competitive pricing is essential in a marketplace as vast as Amazon. Your pricing strategy should reflect the value of your product while remaining attractive to potential buyers.


Regular market analysis can help you adjust your prices in comparison to your competitors, thus positively affecting your Amazon conversion rate.

4. Product Videos & UGCs

Incorporating product videos into your listings can dramatically increase Amazon conversion rate.


Videos provide a dynamic and engaging way to showcase your product’s features and benefits, offering customers a richer shopping experience.


Utilizing User-Generated Content (UGC) videos adds an authentic voice to your product, enhancing trust and credibility among potential buyers. This multimedia approach is becoming increasingly essential in Amazon conversion rate optimisation.

5. Customer Reviews and Ratings

The influence of positive customer reviews and high ratings on purchasing decisions is invaluable, significantly impacting your Amazon conversion rate.


Actively managing your customer feedback, addressing concerns promptly, and fostering an environment that encourages positive reviews can greatly enhance your product’s appeal and trustworthiness.


This aspect of Amazon conversion rate optimisation is about building a positive brand reputation that encourages more conversions.

6. A+ & Premium A+ Content

Utilizing A+ and Premium A+ Content allows sellers to create detailed, visually appealing product descriptions.


This enriched content strategy is designed to effectively communicate your product’s unique selling point (USP), engaging customers at a deeper level and encouraging purchases.


The use of visually rich content with the help  of premium A+ content can improve Amazon conversion rate upto 20%.

Premium A+ content EBC content

7. Amazon Brand Story Feature

The Amazon Brand Story feature in A+ content enables sellers to share their brand’s narrative, significantly aiding in Amazon conversion rate optimisation.


This tool not only boosts customer engagement by highlighting the brand’s unique value but also facilitates the cross-linking of different products, increasing discovery and potentially boosting the Amazon conversion rate.


Utilizing the Brand Story feature effectively can lead to increased visibility and sales across a brand’s product range.

8. Discounts & Coupons

Strategically applied discounts and coupons can serve as powerful incentives for customers who are undecided, directly impacting your Amazon conversion rate.


These promotions, especially when aligned with seasonal shopping trends or special events such as Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday etc, can boost sales.


This tactic not only encourages immediate purchases but can also help in clearing excess inventory and increasing brand exposure.

9. Utilize Amazon FBA

Utilizing the Amazon FBA  advantages, such as faster shipping and Prime eligibility, can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and conversion rates.


Products fulfilled by Amazon often see higher conversion rates due to the trust and convenience associated with Amazon’s fulfillment services.


Amazon’s robust logistics and customer service to provide a seamless shopping experience, thereby encouraging more conversions.

10. Virtual Product Bundling

Creating virtual product bundles offers customers added value and convenience, encouraging larger purchases.


This strategy effectively increases basket size and Amazon conversion rate, as customers perceive higher value in bundled offerings.


Bundling complementary products not only enhances the shopping experience but also introduces customers to a wider range of your product offerings, potentially increasing overall sales.

11. Amazon Store

An Amazon Store provides a branded shopping experience within Amazon, allowing sellers to showcase their full product range in a curated environment.


A well-designed store not only enhances brand visibility but can also lead to higher conversion rates by providing customers with a seamless and immersive shopping experience.


This strategy is an integral part of Amazon conversion rate optimisation, enabling sellers to differentiate their brand and products in a competitive marketplace.

Amazon store example

12. Defensive Product Ads

Defensive advertising strategies, such as defensive product ads, protect your brand and product listings from competitors’ ads.


By securing your listing space and maintaining visibility, you control the customer’s shopping experience, supporting a healthy Amazon PPC conversion rate.


This approach is about safeguarding your market position and ensuring that potential customers see your products first, reducing the risk of losing sales to competitors.

13. Question and Answer (Q&A) Section

Actively managing the Q&A section of your product listing can address potential concerns and clarify product details for shoppers. This transparency builds trust and can positively influence your Amazon conversion rate.


By promptly answering questions, you not only provide valuable information but also demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction, further enhancing the appeal of your products.

Monitoring and Improving Your Conversion Rate

1. Monitoring Through Amazon Reports

Amazon conversion rate optimisation is a continuous process that demands ongoing monitoring and evaluation.


Regular assessment, ideally on a weekly basis through Amazon’s Seller Central, is key. Visit the “Business Reports” section and keep a close eye on the “Unit Session Percentage.” This figure represents the overall conversion rate of the specific products you’re tracking, offering a clear picture of your optimization efforts’ effectiveness.


Equally important is the monitoring of your Amazon PPC conversion rate. For a comprehensive view, explore the PPC reports, particularly the search terms report and PPC bulksheet.


These resources are invaluable for understanding how your paid campaigns are contributing to your overall conversion strategy.


By analyzing both organic and PPC conversion rates, you gain a overall understanding of your optimization efforts.


Improving your Amazon conversion rate isn’t a one-and-done deal; it’s more like a marathon that requires ongoing dedication and keen observation.


It’s not enough to just try out different tactics; you need to keep a close eye on how these changes are affecting your sales. Tools like Amazon’s PPC reports, business insights, and search query performance reports are your best friends here, helping you monitor the health of your conversion rate.


Think of it as a science experiment. You introduce one change at a time, like optimizing your product listing with Premium A+ content, and then you wait a bit—say, a week or two—before checking to see if it made a difference in your Amazon conversion rate.


This pause is crucial for a clear understanding of what’s working and what’s not. If you throw everything at the wall at once, it’s going to be tough to figure out which change made the impact.


Keeping up with Amazon’s ever-changing landscape is also key. The platform is always evolving, and so should your strategies. This way, you’re always in tune with the latest guidelines and can tweak your approach to stay ahead of the game.


By adopting these strategies with a mix of patience and accuracy, you’ll start to see a real boost in your Amazon conversion rate in just a few weeks.


Remember, optimizing your conversion rate on Amazon is a continuous loop of applying, tracking, and refining your strategies. Commit to this cycle, and you’ll set yourself up for sustained success in one of the most competitive online marketplaces.

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