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Amazon Sponsored Products Ads (2024): Everything You Need to Know About

Amazon Sponsored Products Ads

Amazon Sponsored Products

Amazon Sponsored Products are a cornerstone of Amazon’s advertising ecosystem, offering sellers a powerful way to enhance product visibility and sales.


These sponsored product ads are a type of paid advertising service that allows sellers to promote their items within Amazon’s vast marketplace.


When a customer searches for a product, these ads appear in relevant search results, the cart area, highly-rated products sections, and on product detail pages, ensuring maximum exposure.

I. Sponsored Products vs Other Amazon Ads

While Amazon Sponsored Products focus primarily on promoting individual product listings, Amazon also offers other advertising options like Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display.


Sponsored Products are unique in their ability to target specific products and directly link to the product’s detail page, making them an ideal choice for driving direct sales.


In contrast, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display ads are more about brand awareness and reaching a broader audience.

Types of Amazon Sponsored Ads

Amazon’s advertising platform offers a variety of ad types to cater to different marketing needs and objectives. Understanding these options is crucial for sellers to choose the most effective way to promote their products and enhance brand visibility.

I. Sponsored Products Ads

Sponsored Product Ads are the most direct way to promote individual products on Amazon. These ads appear in prominent locations such as the top of search results, on the side, and within individual product pages.


The primary goal of sponsored product ads is to increase the visibility of specific products and drive traffic directly to the product pages.

II. Sponsored Brands Ads

Sponsored Brand Ads go beyond individual products and focus on promoting a brand as a whole.


These ads are more extensive and usually feature a brand logo linking to the Amazon storefront, sometimes accompanied by a selection of products from the brand’s range.


The objective of sponsored brand ads is to introduce new shoppers to your business and build brand awareness.

III. Sponsored Display Ads

Sponsored Display Ads represent a newer addition to Amazon’s advertising options. These ads allow sellers to extend their reach beyond Amazon to third-party apps and websites.


Unlike sponsored product ads and sponsored brand ads, which use keywords for targeting, sponsored display ads target based on customer behavior, such as viewing specific product pages or showing interest in a particular niche.


This type of ad is excellent for retargeting shoppers who have previously shown interest in your products.

Setting Up Sponsored Products Campaigns

Setting up Amazon Sponsored Products is a crucial step for sellers aiming to enhance their product visibility and sales on Amazon. This process involves several key steps, each designed to optimize the effectiveness of your sponsored product ads.

I. Accessing Sponsored Products

 Log into your Seller Central account, navigate to the Advertising tab, and select Campaign Manager.

Amazon Campaign Manager 1

II. Campaign Creation

Click on the ‘Create Campaign’ button. Here, you will be prompted to choose a campaign type, and choose “Sponsored Products”.

Amazon ppc advertising

III. Campaign Setup

Go through these steps to finalize the campaign creation.


  1. Setup the ad group name.
  2. Choose Targeting Type either Automatic targeting or Manual targeting.
  3. Seup bid amount if you are going for Automatic targeting.
  4. Choose Keyword targeting or Product targeting if you are going with manual targeting.
  5. Entre keyoword list or ASINS if you are going to create manual campaign and setup the bid amount. Select the match type: Phrase or Exact.
  6. Choose bidding strategy for your sponsored products campaign.
  7. Select the start date, end date, and daily budget and click on “launch campaign”.

Tips for Effective Sponsored Product Campaign

Mastering Sponsored Product Campaigns is essential for achieving higher rank on first page of Amazon.


This section digs deep into the best practices and strategies to optimize your sponsored products ads. 

I. Setting Campaign Goal

Setting a clear goal for your sponsored products ads is vital. If your objective is to rank for a specific keyword, target that keyword in an Exact match campaign with a single keyword focus. The campaign’s goal should dictate its structure and targeting approach.

II. Keyword Research and Selection

Effective keyword research is the backbone of successful Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns. It’s crucial to identify highly relevant keywords that are closely aligned with your product.


Limit your keyword selection to 5 to 10 per campaign to maintain focus and relevance. For keywords with high search volume and high relevance, consider creating dedicated campaigns with a single keyword. This approach, especially when using Exact match campaigns, is instrumental in improving your chances of ranking higher for those specific keywords.

III. Automatic vs. Manual Targeting

In Amazon PPC, automatic campaigns serve as an efficient tool for keyword discovery, offering ease of use with minimal setup. They are ideal for uncovering new, relevant keywords but come with the caveat of limited control over keyword choices and a potential increase in irrelevant traffic. 


Conversely, manual campaigns provide a higher degree of control, allowing advertisers to handpick specific keywords and adjust bids for precision targeting. This approach demands more time and effort but offers the advantage of tailored keyword targeting and the flexibility to modify bids based on performance. 


While automatic campaigns are excellent for keyword research, manual campaigns should be the focal point for generating sales velocity and improving product ranking on Amazon. 

IV. Choosing the Right Campaign Bidding Strategy

Selecting the right bidding strategy in Amazon PPC is critical for campaign effectiveness. Amazon offers three main bidding strategies:


  • Dynamic Bids – Up and Down: Suitable for aggressive market entry and quick data gathering. Ideal for campaigns where budget is not a primary constraint.
  • Dynamic Bids – Down Only: A conservative approach, perfect for most campaigns. It helps manage spending while ensuring competitive ad placements.
  • Fixed Bids: Provides complete control over bid amounts, recommended for campaigns targeting consistent ad placements and sales velocity, especially for specific keyword ranking.

V. Setting Bid and Budget

Determining the right bid and budget is a critical step in running Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns. Establish a maximum bid and daily budget that aligns with your campaign goals.


For objectives like ranking on specific keywords, set your bid higher than Amazon’s suggested amount and allocate a substantial budget based on the keyword’s search volume and competition.

VI. Monitoring and Analysis

Continuous monitoring and analysis of your campaign’s performance are essential. This process helps you understand the effectiveness of your keywords and identify areas for improvement.


Implement negative targeting to minimize wasted spend and conduct weekly optimizations to adjust bids and budgets.


Analyze the sponsored products search term report to identify profitable keywords and migrate them to other match types for better performance.

VII. Over-Reliance on Auto Campaigns

Avoid excessive reliance on Auto Campaigns. While they are valuable for initial data gathering, they should not dominate your advertising strategy.


A balanced approach with a focus on Sponsored Products Exact match keyword campaigns is often more effective, particularly for direct keyword ranking influence.

Maximizing Campaign Performance

Maximizing the performance of Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns is crucial for achieving desired outcomes like increased visibility, higher sales, and improved ROI.


This section provides insights into how to enhance the effectiveness of your sponsored products ads through strategic management and optimization.

I. Monitoring and Analyzing KPI's

Regular monitoring and analysis of key performance metrics are essential for understanding the effectiveness of your Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns. Key metrics include:


  • Click-through rate (CTR): This metric indicates how often your ad is clicked relative to how often it’s shown. A high CTR suggests that your ad is relevant and appealing to your target audience.
  • Conversion rate: This measures the percentage of clicks that result in a purchase. A high conversion rate indicates that your ad is not only attracting clicks but also driving sales.
  • Average cost per click (CPC): Monitoring your CPC helps you understand the cost-effectiveness of your ads. A lower CPC can indicate better ad performance and cost efficiency.
  • Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS): Represents the ratio of ad spend to targeted sales. ACoS is a crucial metric for understanding the profitability of your Amazon PPC campaign.

  • Total Advertising Cost of Sales (TACoS): Measures the ratio of total ad spend to overall sales revenue. TACoS provides a broader view of how advertising contributes to the overall health of your business, beyond immediate campaign profitability.

II. Performance Based Adjustments

Based on the insights gained from performance data, adjust your campaigns for better performance. This might involve refining your keyword strategy, negative keyword targeting, or adjusting bids and budgets. Regular adjustments ensure that your campaigns remain competitive and cost-effective.

III. Continuous Learning and Adaptation

The landscape of Amazon PPC is ever-evolving, and staying updated with the latest trends and best practices is crucial. Engage in continuous learning and be open to adapting your strategies as the market and Amazon’s algorithms change. This proactive approach ensures that your campaigns remain effective over time.

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