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How to Get Amazon Best Seller Badge: Comprehensive Guide

Amazon Best Seller Badge

Amazon Best Seller Badge

The Amazon best seller badge is a distinctive orange ribbon icon that Amazon awards to products leading the sales in their respective categories.


This badge is not just a symbol of high sales; it represents a product’s popularity and customer preference on Amazon’s vast marketplace.


Earning the Amazon best seller badge is a goal many sellers dream of achieving. This badge is more than just an award; it’s a mark of success on one of the world’s largest online marketplaces.


When a product receives this badge, it means it has reached the top of the sales charts in its category. This achievement can significantly enhance a product’s visibility, making it easier for customers to find and buy.

1. What Makes the Badge Important?

The importance of the Amazon best seller badge lies in its ability to significantly boost a product’s visibility. When customers browse or search for products, those with the badge stand out, attracting more clicks and potentially more sales.


This visibility is crucial in a competitive marketplace like Amazon, where getting your product noticed can be challenging.


Moreover, the badge enhances the credibility of your product. Customers often see the best seller badge as a sign of quality and reliability, making them more likely to trust and purchase your product over others.


This trust is invaluable, as it can lead to higher conversion rates and repeat customers.

Amazon best seller badge

2. How Is the Badge Awarded?

Amazon’s system for awarding the best seller badge is dynamic and updates hourly. This means that the badge is constantly shifting among products based on their sales performance.


The system tracks sales velocity, or the rate at which products are selling, and compares it across all products in a category to determine which ones deserve the badge.


This hourly update system creates a competitive environment where sellers are motivated to continuously optimize their listings and drive sales to either gain or maintain the badge.


It’s a system that rewards consistent performance and customer satisfaction.

3. Impact on Consumer Trust

The Amazon best seller badge has a profound impact on consumer trust. When shoppers see the badge, they are more likely to feel confident in the quality of the product and the reliability of the seller.


This increased trust can lead to higher conversion rates, as customers are more inclined to purchase a product that others have validated through their purchases.


In terms of discoverability, the badge acts as a beacon, drawing attention to products in search results and category listings.


Products with the badge are more likely to be discovered by shoppers browsing through Amazon, leading to increased visibility and sales opportunities. 

Different Types of Amazon Badges

Amazon offers several badges beyond the Amazon best seller badge, each designed to highlight products for different reasons, such as quality, newly launched, or environmental friendliness. Understanding these badges can help sellers strategize to maximize product visibility and appeal.

1. Amazon's Choice Badge

The Amazon’s Choice badge is awarded to products that offer high quality at a good price, are ready to ship immediately, and are the best fit for the search query entered by the customer.


Unlike the best seller badge, which is based on sales volume in a category, Amazon’s Choice focuses on customer experience and search relevance.


Products with this badge are often the go-to choice for Alexa voice shopping, making them highly desirable for sellers targeting convenience-focused shoppers.

Amazon Choice Badge

2. Amazon Small Business Badge

The Amazon Small Business badge is designed to support and promote small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) on Amazon.


This badge helps customers identify and purchase products from these businesses, supporting local economies and entrepreneurs.


For SMBs, this badge can enhance visibility and appeal to shoppers who prefer to buy from smaller sellers over larger corporations.

3. New Release Badge

The New Release badge highlights the latest products that have shown significant sales velocity since their launch.


This badge is crucial for new products aiming to make an immediate impact on the market. It offers a visibility boost, helping these products stand out among established competitors.


The badge is time-sensitive, typically lasting for the first 70-80 days after a product’s launch, emphasizing the importance of a strong start.

Amazon New Release Badge

4. Climate Pledge Friendly Badge

In response to growing environmental concerns, Amazon introduced the Climate Pledge Friendly badge.


This badge is awarded to products that meet sustainability standards, helping customers shop with the environment in mind.


Earning this badge requires meeting specific sustainability certifications, which can vary by product and category.


It’s a way for sellers to appeal to eco-conscious consumers and differentiate their products based on environmental impact.

Climate Pledge Friendly Badge

Strategies to Achieve the Amazon Best Seller Badge

Achieving the Amazon best seller badge requires a multifaceted approach, focusing on optimizing product listings, strategic category selection, competitive pricing, and more. Here’s how sellers can increase their chances of earning this coveted badge:

1. Optimizing Product Listings

The foundation of a successful Amazon product is its listing. Start with thorough keyword research to ensure your product appears in relevant searches.


Use tools like Amazon’s own search bar suggestions, Keyword Planner, or third-party software to identify high-volume, relevant keywords.


Incorporate these keywords into your product title, bullet points, description, and A+ content copy in a natural, customer-friendly manner.


High-quality images and engaging descriptions play a crucial role in converting views into sales.


Don’t overlook backend keywords space of 2500 characters; they’re essential for visibility without cluttering your listing content.

Amazon Product Listing Optimization Services 1

2. Category Selection

Choosing the right category and subcategory for your product can significantly impact your ability to earn the best seller badge.


Aim for categories that accurately reflect your product but are less saturated with competitors.


This strategic selection can reduce competition and increase your product’s visibility to shoppers specifically interested in your niche.

3. Pricing Strategy

Competitive pricing is key to attracting buyers. Conduct a competitive analysis to understand the price points of similar products.


While it’s important to be competitive, ensure your pricing strategy doesn’t sacrifice profit margins. Consider using Amazon’s automated pricing tools to stay competitive on your product price.


Beyond just being competitive, ensure your pricing reflects the value your product offers. Sometimes, being slightly more expensive but offering superior quality or additional features can justify a higher price point in the eyes of consumers.

4. Sales Velocity

Maintaining a high sales velocity is crucial for achieving the best seller badge. Boost your initial sales through promotions, Amazon Lightning Deals, or coupons.


Use peak shopping seasons by preparing your inventory and marketing efforts to capitalize on increased buyer activity during these times.

5. Amazon Advertising Campaigns

Use Amazon PPC to drive targeted traffic to your listings. Start with Sponsored Products for direct product promotion, then explore Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display Ads for broader brand visibility.


 Regularly review your advertising performance metrics. Refine your campaigns by adjusting keywords, bids, and ad placements based on data-driven insights to improve ROI.

Amazon ppc advertising

6. Inventory Management

Consistent stock levels are essential to maintain sales momentum. Inventory management is critical, especially for products nearing the best seller badge.


Stockouts can lead to lost sales and potentially losing the badge if you’ve already earned it. Use Amazon’s inventory management tools to forecast demand and plan restocks accordingly.

7. External Traffic

Drive traffic from external sources like social media, email newsletters, or your website to your Amazon listings. This not only boosts sales but also diversifies your traffic sources, reducing dependency on Amazon’s internal traffic.

Incorporating these detailed strategies into your Amazon selling approach can significantly enhance your chances of achieving the Amazon best seller badge.


Remember, success on Amazon is not just about a single tactic but about a holistic strategy that covers every aspect of your product’s online presence.

Conclusion and Recommendations

We’ve covered a lot of ground in this guide, from how to make your product listings better to keeping your sales numbers high.


We also talked about how to use Amazon’s ads to get more people to see your products and how important it is to have enough stock and to get people to visit your Amazon page from other places like social media or your own website.


Here’s a quick reminder of what’s most important:


  • Make sure your product listings have the right keywords, great pictures, and descriptions that make people want to buy.
  • Pick the category that fits your product best but isn’t too crowded.
  • Price your products in a way that’s good for both you and your customers.
  • Try to sell a lot and keep that going, especially when you first launch a product or during busy shopping times.
  • Use Amazon’s ads to help more people find your products.
  • Always have enough products ready to send out so you don’t run out.
  • Use other ways, like social media, to get more people to see your products on Amazon.

We encourage all sellers to use these strategies not just to get the Amazon best seller badge but also to keep selling more over time and make their brand well-known on Amazon.


Getting this badge is a big deal, but keeping your sales up and your brand strong is even more important.

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