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How to Create a New ASIN in Amazon: Step-by-Step Guide

How to create a ASIN in Amazon

Introduction - How to Create a New ASIN in Amazon

Every seller aiming to launch a product on Amazon undergoes the process of creating a new ASIN. This new ASIN is accompanied by a listing that provides comprehensive details, including product information in the form of a title, bullet points, descriptions, and A+ content.


Customers then browse through the listing to purchase your product. This article outlines the entire process of how to create a new ASIN in Amazon, ensuring you have all the necessary information to successfully list and sell your product.

1. What is ASIN on Amazon?

The Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) is a unique code assigned to each product on the marketplace.

It serves as a key identifier for product identification and catalog management, utilized by both Amazon and its sellers.

Each product listed on Amazon is given a unique ASIN. This ensures that every item can be easily found and distinguished from others.

How to generate asin number for amazon

When Do You Need a New ASIN Number?

1. For Listing Old Products

If you’re planning to sell a product already listed on Amazon, creating a new ASIN is unnecessary.


This is particularly relevant if you’re engaging in the Amazon wholesale or online arbitrage model, where you associate your offer with an existing brand’s product.


In such cases, you can simply copy the existing ASIN or UPC, paste it into Amazon’s listing interface, and you’re set to start selling.

2. For Listing New Products

On the other hand, if you’re adding a product that’s not currently listed on Amazon, you will need to create a new ASIN. This is primarily required for the sellers who are launching private label products that have never been sold on Amazon before.

Amazon UPC Codes

UPC codes, or Universal Product Codes, are 12-digit barcodes widely used in the retail industry for tracking trade items in stores. These unique codes are required for products sold on various platforms, including Amazon.


When creating a new ASIN on Amazon, sellers have to buy UPC codes to list their products. It’s important to note that these codes should be obtained from GS1 (Global Standards 1), the official provider of UPC barcodes.


GS1 barcodes ensure that your product’s UPC is globally unique, preventing potential conflicts with other products.

Prerequisites of Creating New ASINS

Before you create ASIN for Amazon products, there are a few prerequisites you need to have in place to start crafting your listing. Below is a list along with brief details of these prerequisites:

  • Listing Content: This includes your product title, bullet points, description, and A+ content copy. These elements are crucial for presenting your product effectively to potential buyers.
  • Product Images: You’ll need one image with a white background and six additional product images. High-quality images are essential for showcasing your product’s features.
  • UPC Codes: Before you create ASIN for Amazon products, you must have GS1 barcodes. These codes are necessary for uniquely identifying your products on the platform.
  • Product Details: It’s important to gather all necessary product details, such as product weight, packaging details, and any other relevant information that could help customers understand your product better.
  • Category Information: Knowing the category in which you will create ASIN number for amazon products is important. You can look at the categories used by competitors and consider them for your product.
  • Additional Information: While additional data like the Amazon brand story, A+ content, or product videos are not required at the ASIN creation stage, they can significantly enhance your product listing and may be utilized later on.

How to Create a New ASIN in Amazon - Step By Step Process

To create a new ASIN number for Amazon products, follow this step-by-step guide:

Step - 1 - Access the Catalog Section

Go to the “Catalog” section of your seller central and select “Add Products.”

how to create a new asin in amazon

Step - 2 - New Product Option

Choose “I’m adding a product not sold on Amazon” for a new listing.

how to create a new asin in amazon

Step - 3 - Choose Product Category

Select the appropriate product category. With AI now you can search categories by just putting in your product’s main keyword and Amazon will suggest a category for your product. Otherwise you can manually search your category by selecting “Select other”.

How to generate asin number for amazon

Step - 4 - Product Identity Information

In the “Product Identity” section, fill in product details, including title, brand name, UPC and description. If you have a product with multiple variations then select “This product has variations”.

how to create a new asin in amazon

Step - 5 - Product Description Information

In the “Description” section add product description, bullet points and images.

how to create a new asin in amazon

Step - 6 - Product Details Information

In the “Product Details” section include all of the relevant product details and put as much relevant information as you can.

how to create a new asin in amazon

Step - 7 - Offer Tab

In the “Offer” tab put all the price, quantity if you are going with self fulfillment, and package details.

how to create a new asin in amazon

Step - 8 - Safety & Compliance Information

And finally in the “Safety & Compliance” tab put the compliance related info and product manufacturing country.

how to generate asin number for amazon

Step - 9 - Submit for Review

Submit the listing for review. Amazon will assign a new ASIN as soon as the listing is approved. It make take few hours to appear listing in your seller central catalog section

Product Variations and ASINs on Amazon

Product variations allow sellers to group similar items under a single parent ASIN. Variations can include different sizes, colors, materials, or any other distinguishing feature.

Each variation, known as a child ASIN, is linked to this parent ASIN but has its own unique identifier.


When creating a new ASIN on Amazon with variations, you do not need the UPC for the parent ASIN instead Amazon assigns an ASIN on its own.

1. How Many UPCs Do You Need for Multiple Variations?

The number of UPCs you need depends on the number of unique variations you plan to offer. For each variation of the product, you will require a separate UPC.

For example, if you’re selling a t-shirt that comes in five colors and three sizes, you would require 15 UPCs (5 colors x 3 sizes) that would create 15 ASINS.


Each of these child ASINs is linked to the parent ASIN and allows customers to select and purchase the specific variation they want.

Best Practices to Create New ASINs on Amazon

Creating new ASINs on Amazon is the initial step for sellers introducing new products. It’s essential to adhere to best practices that can safeguard your listings from future issues. Here are some key strategies to consider.

1. Add SEO Optimized Content

Importance of SEO-optimized content in your product listings cannot be ignored. Conduct a detailed keyword research with tools like Helium10 and JungleScout.

This includes using relevant keywords in your product title, bullet points, description, A+ content copy, search terms and image alt text.

Incorporate keywords naturally into your listing content along with the product features and unique selling point for higher conversion rates.

2. Select Relevant Product Category

Choosing the right product category is important on Amazon. Products categorized incorrectly may not reach their relevant audience, affecting potential sales.

Take the time to identify the relevant Amazon’s category structure to find the most relevant category and subcategory for your product. You can also use the competitor’s product category for your product.

3. Avoid Duplicate UPC

If you’ve already utilized a UPC, please refrain from using it again to create ASIN for Amazon products.


For each new product you introduce, ensure you use a unique Universal Product Code (UPC).


This not only helps in creating a new ASIN but also prevents listing errors and potential conflicts with existing products.


Remember, each unique product variation requires its own UPC and subsequently has its own ASIN.

4. Fill Every Relevant Attribute

Providing comprehensive information about your product is beneficial for both SEO on Amazon and customer decision-making.


Fill out every relevant attribute field in your product listing, including size, color, material, and technical specifications.

The more detailed and accurate the information, the easier it is for customers to find, evaluate, and purchase your product.


Detailed attributes also contribute to better matching in Amazon’s search algorithm, improving your product SEO.

5. Use GS1 Barcodes Only

Amazon requires that all products have a Global Standard 1 (GS1) barcode. Using GS1 barcodes ensures that your product’s UPC is globally unique and compliant with Amazon’s standards.

Refrain from using barcodes sourced from websites other than GS1, as Amazon will not accept them.


When you enter the UPC into Amazon’s listing database, it conducts an immediate scan and either accepts or rejects it. To avoid any future listing issues, it’s advisable to use only GS1 barcodes.

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