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21 Ways to Increase Amazon Sales in 2024: Proven Expert Tips

Increase Amazon Sales

How to Increase Amazon Sales?

Selling on Amazon has become tougher due to rising costs and growing competition from the constant arrival of new sellers.


At a certain point in selling on Amazon, you might notice that your brand’s sales are dropping month over month, or you might be experiencing stagnant sales and you have no idea how to turn things around.


This article outlines detailed strategies to increase Amazon sales, giving you clear steps to improve your situation.

1. Listing SEO Optimization

Optimizing your listings through SEO is a powerful way to increase Amazon sales. Here is how to improve Amazon sales with SEO.

1.1. Front-End Listing Optimization

On the front end of the listing, title holds highest value in terms of SEO . Incorporating more keywords in the title can significantly boost Amazon sales by driving more traffic to your listing.


Conversely, a title with fewer keywords attracts less traffic. Aim to use the maximum relevant keywords within the 200-character title limit.


Bullet points rank as the next most important element, providing a major boost to Amazon sales after the product title. It’s best to use 1 to 2 keywords per bullet point, as overstuffing can be detrimental.


The description also plays a vital role from an SEO perspective. Crafting a keyword-rich product description using up to 2000 characters can significantly improve Amazon sales.

1.2. Back-End Optimization

Optimizing the backend search terms, with a 500-byte limit, is essential. Include any remaining keywords, along with common misspellings and foreign language keywords, in the backend search terms.


Ensure not to repeat any keywords or search terms from the front end of your listing, including the title, bullet points, or description, to effectively boost Amazon sales.


Try to fill all relevant product attributes e.g audience, style, material feature, special feature, installation type etc that would help customers understand your product and features.

1.3. Amazon Creatives Optimization

Want to boost your Amazon sales with creatives? Start with your product creatives including 7 listing images, engaging videos, brand story images, and A+ content. Why? Because the first thing customers see is your images.


Optmized images do more than just show off your product; they give customers the information they need and set the stage for a great shopping experience.


Clear, detailed images help customers feel confident about buying, leading to more sales for you and fewer returns. It’s a simple but effective way to boost your sales.

Amazon Product Listing Optimization Services 1

2. Competitive Pricing

Adjusting your prices to stay competitive is a key strategy to boost Amazon sales. Ensure your pricing is in line with, or better than, your market competitors.


However, the impact of competitive pricing diminishes for products with high reviews and ratings; such products often command higher prices due to their established value.


If your product has fewer reviews or ratings, adopting a competitive pricing strategy is crucial to increase Amazon sales. It’s essential to be aware of your profit margins when adjusting prices.


If you are at product launch stage then aim to lower your price 20% to 30% compared to your competitors price.


Moreover, keep track of key performance indicators such as CTR (Click-Through Rate), conversion rate, and product rankings in correlation with price adjustments for your product.

3. Have a Amazon PPC Strategy

A well-optimized PPC strategy is crucial to boost Amazon sales. Here are several techniques to boost Amazon sales.

3.1. Organic Ranking Improvement

Prioritizing organic ranking is essential to increase Amazon sales. More organic orders translate to more sales without relying on PPC.


Start with an SP Exact campaign with high top of the search placement percentage targeting keywords where you already rank well. Focus on keywords with an organic position between 10 to 40, aiming to move them into the top 10. Then, gradually improve the rank of keywords from the 2nd or 3rd page to the top 10.


This approach will significantly improve your organic sales and traffic.

3.2. Sponsored Brands (SB) Video Ads

Utilize SB video ads targeting top keywords in Exact, Phrase, or Broad Modifier match types to direct traffic to your listing or storefront. Video ads boast the highest conversion rates.


The first 5 to 7 seconds of your video are important to grab customer attention. Ensure your video showcases the product in action in first 5 to 7 seconds, rather than the unboxing.


Consider video ads for the best-performing keywords of your SP Exact campaigns. This tested technique can significantly boost Amazon sales.

3.3. Try Every Ad Type

To improve Amazon sales through PPC, experiment with every ad type available.


Try different ad types including exact, broad, phrase, auto, video ads, Sponsored display ads, category targeting and more.


Pause underperforming campaigns and focus on the ones having the highest conversation rate.

3.4. Keyword Research Campaigns

Incorporate research campaigns into your PPC strategy, using auto, broad, and phrase match types to identify high-performing keywords and setup dedicated campaigns for those keywords. This method is key to boost Amazon sales.

3.5. Proper Campaign Structure

A well-organized campaign structure is the foundation of successful Amazon PPC. Aim for one match type per product per ad group, with 5 to 10 keywords in each campaign.


Our regular audits often reveal brands lacking this structure, with ad groups containing hundreds of keywords, only top 5 to 6 dilute the whole budget leaving nothing for remaining keywords. 


Maintaining a focused campaign structure is important to effectively increase Amazon sales through Amazon PPC.

4. Use Brand Tailored Promotions

Brand Tailored Promotions (BTP) is a dynamic feature designed to boost Amazon sales. BTP enables you to offer discounts ranging from 10% to 50% to various customer groups, including Brand Followers, Repeat Customers, New Customers, High Spend Customers, Potential New Customers, and Cart Abandoners.


This targeted approach allows for strategic discounts that can increase Amazon sales. To access BTP, navigate to the “Advertising” section and select “Brand Tailored Promotions”.

Amazon Brand Tailored Promotions

5. Improve Conversion Rate

The conversion rate is one of the most important metric for your Amazon business and a key component of Amazon’s A10 ranking algorithm.


Enhancing your conversion rate involves several factors, including optimized listings, competitive pricing, positive reviews and ratings, high-quality product images, A+ content, and a compelling brand story.


A higher conversion rate means more sales for the same advertising spend. The average conversion rate on Amazon is 15%.


You can monitor your conversion rate in the business reports section by looking at the unit session percentage, which represents your average conversion rate on Amazon.


Note that your PPC conversion rate may vary from the unit session percentage, observable within your advertising reports. By improving conversion rate you can significantly improve your Amazon sales.

6. Improve Click-Through Rate (CTR)

You may be wondering, why should I prioritize CTR? It stands as a fundamental ranking factor recognized by Amazon’s A10 algorithm since 2023.


The key elements influencing CTR include the main image, title, price, and fulfillment method, with the main image playing a pivotal role.


A compelling main image can significantly boost Amazon sales by enhancing your visibility and attracting more clicks. This, in turn, drives more traffic and potentially increases sales for your product.


To optimize your main image, consider creating 2 to 3 variants and testing them using tools like PickFu for image optimization or Amazon’s own Manage Experiment tool for A/B testing.


The average CTR on Amazon ranges between 0.4% and 0.6%. However, leveraging the full potential of CTR can yield remarkable results.

6.1. CTR Improvement Case Study

For one of our product we achieved an impressive CTR of 1.95% while the average on Amazon is 0.4% to 0.6% substantially higher than the average. With an advertising spend of $444, the product’s keyword climbed to the 6th position. 


Notably, a misspelled variant of this same keyword, with a monthly search volume (SV) of 17,000, also ranked to the 10th position without any direct spent. 


This example underscores the significant impact of optimizing CTR to increase Amazon sales in 2024.

How to increase Amazon sales

7. Diversify Keyword Strategy

Expanding your keyword strategy is a proven method to increase Amazon sales. Look for the semi-relevant keywords of your product.


For instance, if you’re selling iPhone covers, consider targeting broader terms like “iPhone accessories” in your PPC campaigns.


This approach allows you to capture a wider audience that might be interested in your product. Typically, the search volume for such keywords is exceedingly high. Upon achieving a high ranking, you can generate a substantial amount of organic sales.

7.1 Keyword Research with SQP

To identify the most effective keywords, utilize the Search Query Performance (SQP) report available in Seller Central. Navigate to the “Menu,” proceed to the “Brands” section, and access “Brand Analytics.”


Here, you’ll find the “Search Query Performance” option. Choose the week you wish to review. The queries listed at the top are those performing best for your account.


Carefully analyze these queries to uncover the highest-performing search terms. If these terms aren’t already part of your PPC exact campaigns, targeting them can significantly boost Amazon sales.

Amazon search query performance (SQP)

8. Offer Coupons

Introducing coupons, marked by a green badge on your product listing, is an effective strategy to improve conversion rates.


Offering discounts ranging from 5% to 50%, coupons not only attract customers but also play a pivotal role in helping you increase Amazon sales.


This promotional tool captures the interest of potential buyers, encouraging them to make a purchase by offering immediate value.

8.1 Use Subscribe and Save

Utilizing the Subscribe and Save feature is an excellent way to cultivate a base of loyal customers for your brand. This option is particularly suited for products that require regular replenishment.


A prime example is toilet paper, a necessity that customers need to purchase repeatedly throughout the month. By offering coupons ranging from 5% to 15% for subscription orders, you not only ensure consistent sales but also improve Amazon sales by building repeat customers.


This feature can be accessed through the Coupons section of your Seller Central.

Amazon coupons subscribe and save

9. Expand the Right Product

For brands managing a wide range of SKUs, the impulse to expand every product in their catalog is common. However, adhering to the Pareto Principle—focusing on optimizing the 20% of products that generate 80% of sales—is more strategic.


Utilize the BCG Matrix to identify these top-performing products. This straightforward tool uses data like total market share, product market share, and market growth to pinpoint products with the highest potential for revenue.


By concentrating your efforts on these STAR products (Image below), you can improve Amazon product sales significantly, ensuring your resources are invested in the right products.

BCG Matrix for Amazon Brands

10. Add More Products and Variations

Expanding your portfolio by adding more products and variations is a strategic approach to boost Amazon sales and build 7-figures or 9-figures brand.


On Amazon, typically, one out of every three products becomes highly successful, one achieves break-even margins, and one struggles. Therefore, launching at least three products is a wise strategy to increase your chances of success.


Additionally, offering a range of product variations is a crucial tactic to improve Amazon sales significantly. Variations provide customers with choices, catering to their diverse preferences in terms of color, size, flavor, or pack size. Conducting thorough market research is essential when deciding on product variations.


For instance, if you’re offering a product in a pack of 2, investigating which other pack sizes are popular in the niche can help you tap into broader market segments.


This approach not only broadens your target audience but also maximizes your potential to increase Amazon sales.


A common characteristic among top sellers in any Amazon niche is their extensive range of product variations, underlining the importance of this strategy to boost your sales.

11. Improve Your Product

Addressing customer feedback to improve your product can lead to exponential sales growth. By carefully reviewing customer feedback and identifying common issues, you can make targeted improvements to address these concerns.

A higher product rating not only improves customer satisfaction but also significantly boosts Amazon sales, as ratings are a critical determinant of consumer trust and purchase decisions.

12. Use Virtual Product Bundling

Amazon virtual bundling is a great way to boost product sales without physically bundling products.


You can create virtual bundles if your products complement each other. For example, if you are selling iPhone screen protectors and iPhone covers individually, then you can create virtual bundles for them.


If any of your products go out of stock, the bundle would also go out of stock, so keeping an eye on inventory is very important in this regard.


You can access it by clicking on ‘Menu,’ then ‘Brands,’ and ‘Virtual bundles.’

13. Utilize Amazon Manage Experiments

Amazon Manage Experiment is a greate to test different versions of images, title, bullet points, Amazon brand story and A+ content.


You can create two different versions of images, title, bullets in the experiment. Amazon will show the different version to different audience. At the end of the experiment Amazon will show you the winning version that got most of the sales. You can auto publish the winning version to boost your sales.


This strategy alone has the potential to increase product sales by up to 25%, according to data from Amazon. You can access the manage experiments tool from “Brands” tab of your seller central.

Amazon Manage Experiments

14. Get More Reviews

Product reviews and ratings are important in influencing customer buying decisions. The more reviews and higher ratings your product has, the more sales you’re likely to achieve.


Focusing efforts on increasing your product reviews can boost Amazon sales, as products with numerous positive reviews can command higher prices, reflecting the trust they’ve earned from consumers.


Tools like CaptainAmz or Seller Board’s autoresponder can facilitate the process of soliciting reviews from customers who have purchased your products, further enhancing your ability to increase Amazon sales.

15. Do Not Go Out of Stock

Adhering to one of Amazon’s golden rules, never let your inventory run dry. Frequent stockouts can negatively impact your organic product rankings, especially for newly launched products.


Vigilantly monitor your inventory levels and restock well in advance to prevent running out. Utilizing Amazon’s inventory monitoring tools can be instrumental in this process, helping you increase Amazon sales by maintaining consistent availability.

16. Use Premium A+ Content

Utilizing Premium A+ Content can increase Amazon sales by up to 20%. This advanced content option enhances conversion rates significantly. The higher the conversion rate, the greater your sales will be from the same level of traffic.


Premium A+ features include full-page modules with video, sliding carousels, comparison charts, and FAQ modules, offering a richer shopping experience than basic A+ content.

Access to Premium A+ Content requires a brand story and five basic A+ content pieces already approved in your account, providing a clear path to improve Amazon sales.

Premium A+ content EBC content

17. Use Amazon Fulfillment

A vast majority of Amazon sellers, approximately 86%, opt for Amazon FBA. If you’re in a product category where FBA is the norm and you’re doing FBM, your sales may suffer due to customers’ preference for Amazon-fulfilled products.


Our analysis across numerous accounts reveals that the Amazon algorithm favors products fulfilled by Amazon itself. Switching to FBA can be a strategic move to boost your Amazon sales, utilizing the trust and logistical efficiency Amazon provides.

18. Use Amazon Posts

Amazon Posts, the platform’s social media feature, offers a unique opportunity to present your products directly in customers’ feeds.

These posts appear in brand feeds, on product detail pages, in related product feeds, and category feeds. What’s more, Amazon Posts are free—a cost-effective alternative to Amazon PPC—and can significantly boost your Amazon sales.

For the best results, treat Amazon Posts like social media, with daily postings of images and videos to engage potential customers.

19. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a dynamic strategy to boost Amazon sales. It’s highly effective for driving off-Amazon traffic to your listings. Additionally, Amazon provides fee discounts for every off-Amazon order, enhancing the appeal of this approach.

Importantly, these off-Amazon orders also improve product rankings, as they’re a recognized factor in the A10 algorithm, making influencer collaborations a valuable tactic to increase Amazon sales.

20. Sell Globally

Expanding your sales globally is a logical next step once you’ve established success in your home marketplace.

Amazon facilitates selling across all its marketplaces with specific accounts for each country—except in North America and Europe, where one account grants access to multiple countries.

Amazon simplifies international logistics, handling the packing and shipping of products across borders. However, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations concerning taxes, product standards, and other legalities in each marketplace.

Expanding worldwide can significantly increase Amazon sales, opening your brand to a global audience.

21. Partner with an Agency

Engaging with an Amazon agency can be a gane changing move for your brand. Agencies bring a wealth of experience in managing Amazon accounts and possess a deep understanding of effective sales strategies.

They provide specialized resources and dedicated experts focused on different aspects of Amazon selling, such as SEO, PPC, design, and listing catalog management. This specialized approach allows each department to excel in its area, enhancing the overall performance of your account.

If you’re considering an agency’s services but are hesitant about long-term commitments, we recommend starting with a probationary period. This allows you to assess their impact on your brand before making a significant commitment, giving you the flexibility to see if their strategies align with your needs.


Selling on Amazon requires a continuous and strategic effort. While not all strategies may work for every seller, it’s crucial to experiment with various approaches to find what best suits your business.


Some strategies will require an initial investment, while others may entail further financial commitments down the line. Starting with cost-effective strategies is a wise approach, adhering to the fundamental rule of Amazon selling: optimize first, sell later.


Following this principle is key to increasing Amazon sales significantly, setting a strong foundation for your business’s success on the platform.

Ecom Brainly: Amazon Sales Boost Services

Ecom Brainly specializes in enhancing Amazon sales through the application of effective strategies described above.


We prioritize methods that foster brand growth and improve sales performance, with the goal of quickly ranking products—usually within a three-week timeframe. Our approach effectively generates organic sales while minimizing PPC expenses.


With Ecom Brainly, experience accelerated sales growth and sustainable success in the competitive Amazon marketplace. Connect to discover how we can help grow your brand!

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