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Amazon Virtual Bundles: Sell More with Smart Product Bundling

Amazon virtual bundles

Understanding Amazon Virtual Bundles

Amazon has  introduced a new feature of Amazon virtual bundles to revolutionize the way sellers can offer their products .


 This approach allows brand owners to combine multiple products into a single listing, providing a cohesive shopping experience for customers.


Amazon virtual bundling allows sellers to merge two to five of their products into one attractive package.


Unlike traditional bundling methods, there’s no need for physical packaging or inventory changes. This method simplifies the process, making it an appealing option for sellers looking to streamline their offerings.

1. Amazon Virtual Bundle Examples

Looking at Amazon virtual bundles examples, it’s clear that the possibilities are endless. This feature not only simplifies the selling process but also enriches the buying experience, making it easier for customers to find and purchase products that complement each other. 

Amazon virtual bundle examples

How Amazon Virtual Bundles Work

This guide will walk you through setting up your bundles, outline who can create them, and detail which products are eligible for bundling.

1. How to Create Virtual Bundles on Amazon - Step by Step

Creating a Amazon virtual bundle is a straightforward process designed to be accessible for all eligible sellers. Here’s how you can start:

1.1. Access the Virtual Bundles Tool

Log into your Seller Central account and navigate to the ‘Brands’ menu. Select ‘Virtual Bundles’ to begin creating your bundle.

Amazon virtual bundles

1.2. Select Your Products

Choose between 2 to 5 products from your catalog that you want to bundle together. These should be products that complement each other and offer value when purchased together.

Amazon virtual bundles add products

1.3. Bundle Price and Listing

Decide on the price for your bundle. It’s important to ensure that the bundle offers a perceptible value to the customer, often through a discounted rate compared to buying the items separately.


 Fill in the details for your bundle, including a compelling title, detailed description, and high-quality images that showcase the products in the bundle.

Amazon virtual bundles price and listing details
Amazon virtual bundles add images

1.4. Publish Your Bundle

Once you’re satisfied with the listing, publish your bundle. It will now be available to Amazon customers, offering them a new way to shop for and purchase your products together.

2. Eligibility Criteria for Sellers

Not all sellers can create Amazon virtual bundles. To maintain a high standard and ensure that bundles offer genuine value to customers, Amazon has set specific eligibility criteria:


  • Brand Ownership: Sellers must be part of the Amazon Brand Registry and own the brand of the products they wish to bundle.
  • FBA Enrollment: Products included in the bundle must be available through Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).
  • Condition: Only new products can be included in virtual bundles. Used or refurbished items are not eligible.

3. Types of Products That Can Be Included

The flexibility of Amazon virtual product bundles allows for a wide range of products to be combined. However, there are guidelines to ensure these bundles make sense to customers and enhance their shopping experience:

  • Complementary Products: Items that naturally go together or are often purchased together make ideal candidates for bundling. For example, a camera with a compatible carrying case and memory card.
  • Theme-Based Bundles: Products that fit within a specific theme, such as holiday decorations or back-to-school supplies, can be bundled to target specific customer needs or occasions.
  • Exclusions: Certain items are excluded from being bundled, including gift cards, digital products (such as eBooks or music downloads), and products from different brands (unless you own multiple brands within the Brand Registry).

Advantages of Amazon Virtual Bundles

Amazon virtual product bundles feature not only simplifies the selling process but also enhances the shopping experience, offering numerous benefits. Here are some of the key advantages of leveraging Amazon virtual bundles.

1. Visibility and Sales Opportunities

One of the most significant benefits of Amazon virtual bundles is the increased visibility it offers to sellers. 


By bundling complementary products, sellers can capture the attention of customers who may not have found their products otherwise. 


This increased exposure often leads to higher sales opportunities, as customers are more likely to purchase a bundle that meets multiple needs or desires at once. 


Furthermore, Amazon virtual product bundles can help sellers introduce and cross-promote new or less popular items by pairing them with best-sellers, thereby boosting their overall sales.

2. Enhanced Shopping Experience

Customers shopping on Amazon are always looking for value and convenience, and Amazon virtual bundles deliver on both fronts. 


By offering curated bundles, sellers can provide customers with a hassle-free shopping experience, allowing them to purchase complementary products with a single click. 


This convenience is particularly appealing to customers looking for gift ideas or those new to a hobby or interest, as it simplifies the decision-making process. 


Additionally, the bundled pricing often represents a better deal than purchasing each item separately, adding to the customer’s perception of getting more value for their money.

3. Cost Savings and Logistical Benefits

From a seller’s perspective, Amazon virtual bundling offers significant cost savings and logistical advantages. 


Traditional bundling methods require sellers to pre-package items together, which can add to the overhead costs in terms of packaging materials and labor. 


With virtual bundles, these additional costs are eliminated, as the products are shipped individually from Amazon’s fulfillment centers. 


This not only reduces the seller’s operational burden but also streamlines the inventory management process. Sellers can more easily track the sales and stock levels of individual products, even when they are part of multiple bundles.

Success Strategies with Amazon Virtual Bundles

Successfully using Amazon virtual product bundles involves more than just grouping products together; it requires strategic thinking and planning.


Here are essential strategies to help sellers maximize the success of their virtual bundles on Amazon.

1. Selecting the Right Products

Select products that complement each other in a way that meets customer needs and enhances their experience. 


When choosing products to bundle, consider items that are frequently bought together or share a common theme or use case. For instance, bundle iPhone covers with iPhone screen protectors if you are selling both products.

2. Pricing Strategies

Right pricing is crucial for the success of your Amazon virtual bundle. The bundle should offer customers a perceivable saving compared to purchasing the items separately, without significantly eroding your profit margins.


One strategy is to offer a discount that’s attractive enough to encourage the bundle purchase but still maintains a healthy profit margins.


Amazon virtual bundles have proven to be a valuable addition to the e-commerce toolkit on Amazon, offering numerous benefits to both sellers and customers.


By allowing sellers to creatively package their products and offer them at attractive prices, Amazon has enhanced the shopping experience, making it more convenient and rewarding.


As we move into 2024, the importance of virtual bundles is only set to increase, making it an essential strategy for sellers looking to stay competitive and meet the ever changing needs of their customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Are Amazon Virtual Bundles?

Amazon Virtual Bundles allow sellers to combine 2-5 of their FBA products into a single listing, offering them as a package deal without needing physical packaging. This enables customers to purchase complementary products together conveniently.


2. Can I Include Any Product in an Amazon Virtual Bundle?

You can include any new condition product that is part of your brand registry and fulfilled by Amazon. However, gift cards, digital items, and used products cannot be bundled.


3. What Are the Benefits of Amazon Virtual Bundles for Sellers?

Sellers benefit from increased visibility, the ability to cross-sell products, and potentially higher sales volumes without the additional costs of physical bundling. It simplifies inventory management and enhances product offerings.


4. How Are Amazon Virtual Bundles Priced?

Sellers set their bundle prices, ideally offering a discount compared to buying each item separately. The total bundle price must not exceed the sum of the individual products’ prices to remain competitive and attractive to buyers.


5. Can Amazon Virtual Bundles Be Used for Promotions?

Yes, Amazon Virtual Bundles can be promoted using Amazon’s Sponsored Brands ads. This helps increase visibility and attract more customers to your bundled offerings.


6. Do Amazon Virtual Bundles Require New UPC Codes?

No, Amazon Virtual Bundles do not require new UPC codes. Each product in the bundle maintains its original UPC, simplifying the process for sellers.


7.How Can Customers Find My Amazon Virtual Bundles?

Amazon Virtual Bundles appear on the product detail pages of the individual items included in the bundle. They can also be promoted through Sponsored Brands ads for increased visibility.


8. What Happens If a Product in a Bundle Goes Out of Stock?

If any product in the bundle goes out of stock, the Amazon Virtual Bundle will be temporarily unavailable until the stock is replenished. It’s crucial to manage inventory effectively to avoid such situations.

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